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Optical Image Stabilization

Image stabilization feature built-in optical binoculars and scopes became demanding by consumers and professionals within last decades due to technology advancements and opening of the military market. It greatly improves hand held observation capability providing the user with still image without adding support with tripods, or by any other means. It eliminates effect of hand tremor and vibrations, allows to use optical devices from moving carriers like land vehicle, aircraft, or boat, and provide the additional convenience for user to easily re-point the device or follow the moving object smoothly without loosing control. It seems that for many practical applications the image stabilization is the most advanced improvement of the optical observation devices available on open market.

There are few makers of the Image Stabilized Binoculars on the market today. Depending on the manufacture the technology may vary offering to the user different options and advancements. Image stabilization technology currently offers three different types of binoculars which allows still image observation by eliminating or reducing effects of hand shaking, platform vibration, and platform/user movement to some degree. Stabilization angle is usually within the range 2 to 8 deg. depending on the system capabilities.

Gyro-Stabilized System.
The image remains stable due to built-in high-speed motor driven gyroscope, which controls the position of the prism assembly inside binocular or scope.  Due to highest 6-8 deg. stabilization angle Gyro-Stabilized systems allow to keep image stable by not only compensating for hand tremor but also by eliminating the effect of strong platform vibration and fast platform or object movement. It is widely used by military, and for civilian professional applications for observation from moving vehicles, air plains, helicopters, ships, as well as from stationary positions for following moving objects.
Because Gyro Stabilized Binoculars are relatively heavy they are not so great for traveling, walking, or hiking with them and more suitable for deployment in certain place for prolonged period of time. They may operate from batteries with option to use external power source connected with the cable. Using external power source is not a big obstacle while it deployed in a permanent place where the power is available. In fact, it eliminates the annoying need to manage battery charging.
Start-up time to speed up the motor is about 20-40 sec. For some applications anti-fog, water drop protection or full waterproofing is important, but it is not always the case.  Since the price may be greatly affected by demanding options application should be carefully reviewed and necessary features selected before to go on the market to hunt the item. 
Waterproof Gyro Stabilized binoculars are expensive and western brands offerings are in the range from $3,000 to $15,000. As a result of Eastern block military industry conversion there are few models within the range $1,200 - $2,500 available from Eastern countries at this time, but the prices increases due to currency fluctuations and growing demand within their own market.

Sardonic Suspension Stabilization.
Incorporate mechanically suspended prism system balanced with powerful magnets. Perfectly protects from shaking and panning within 2-3 degrees angle deviation. Much lighter than Gyro and with instant start-up. The only type that do not require batteries. Suitable for professional applications as well as for the regular consumer use. Developed and offered by German Zeiss and by few Russian manufactures.

Vary-Angle Prismatic Stabilizers.
Prisms controlled by microprocessor which receives signals from the sensors. Protected from shaking and panning within 2-3 degrees. Lighter than Gyro and allow instant start-up, but still require 6 AA batteries, which should be replaced or recharged after use, or storage. Offered by Canon for consumer applications.

Russian Image Stabilized Optical Equipment

image stabilized binoculars



Russian Image Stabilized Binoculars 
R053   BS16x50, 
R0531 BS20x50.

"Designed for precise visual observation of 
distant objects .......
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gyro stabilized binoculars



Russian Gyro Stabilized Binoculars 16x40

"Provide highest quality stable image in the most unfavorable observation conditions......"
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Gyro Stabilized Scope "PELENG 7x55"

Designed for use on vehicles, air plains, ships milspec compliant, waterproof ...
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