Tactical Night Vision Binoculars 2.5x42

This is the sharpest binoculars within "NIGHTHAWK" family. 
While the objective lens power is the same as in higher magnification 4x "Nighthawks",
eyepieces magnify the image from the screen much less. As a result they deliver to the eyes very fine and bright image and screen structure and grain are almost not noticeable. Binoculars provide excellent visibility within 400 yards range and recommended for general observation purposes and viewing the physical objects with the quality you can expect while watching the same objects at the distance within 150 yards with the naked eye.
It is light unit, convenient to carry and use,  provides close focusing up to 10 yards and may be equipped with High Power IR Illuminator
R046/R046a  for viewing in absolute darkness. Made in Russia.

ITEM R037   $395.00 SOLD OUT!

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Tactical Night Vision Binoculars 2.5x48

Same Night Vision Binoculars as above, but improved by the bigger size 48 mm. objective lenses with extra field flattener. User may expect wider viewing angle, less side distortions and  better light transmission at critical conditions than from predecessor NVB 2.5X42. Provides same close focusing up to 10 yards and may be equipped with High Power IR Illuminator R046/R046a.

ITEM R069   $425.00 

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 Night Vision Binoculars  "NIGHTHAWK"  

 Item R037 / NVB 2.5X42 

 Item R069 / NVB 2.5X48  

 System magnification, times



 Effective range, yards



 Angular field of vision, deg.



 Ocular adjustment limits,      dptr.

+5 ..... -5

 Interpupillary adjustment, mm.

58 ..... 74


2 AA

 Battery life, hours


 Uninterrupted operation limit, hours


 Dimensions, mm.



 Weight, lbs.

2 lb.8oz.

2 lb. 9 oz.

 Operating temperature range, deg.

-30C to +40C

 Minimum illumination required, lx.


 Image tube spectral response, nm.


 Image tube resolution, lp/mm.


 Image tube sensitivity, mka/lm.



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