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Current Russian Military Issue. Named for the ear-flaps that fold down for extra protection from the biting Russian winter. Rich, warm heavyweight wool and pile exterior. Quilted cotton lining is cushioned and insulated with deep padding. Comes with attached Soviet officer badge. Hat stamped from inside with markings indicating the place of manufacture and European size. Color: Gray with Steel Blue. Condition: New. Sizes from "M" to "XXL" with 1/8" selection increments. Could be ordered with, or without badge.


Item R0081 $26.95 (with Badge)

Item R008 $24.95 (no Badge)

Sold out.

Sold out

This is how you can wear the hat.
Depending on the weather conditions it allows different level of protection from the cold and wind to insure comfortable feeling.

What Is Your correct Hat Size?
To place the order you need to specify the hat size in drop down menu. Please see conversion chart to select correct hat size. For letter size you have option for looser or tighter fit. Choose looser fit if in doubt, or make simple measurements of your head size using measuring tape.

How to measure head size.
Wrap measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows over the ears . Do not over tight.
Then use the chart  to convert the head size to your correct hat size. We will use measurement tool and select the hat for you based on hat size you specify.

Conversion Chart.

Letter Size

(57-58 cm)

(59-60 cm)

(61-62 cm)

(63 cm)

Head Size

22 1/2"

22 7/8"

23 1/4"

23 5/8"


24 3/8" 24 3/4"

Hat Size

7 1/8''

7 1/4''

7 3/8''

7 1/2''

7 5/8''

7 3/4'' 7 7/8"

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